Why LED?

LED lighting is a technological breakthrough delivering energy efficient, long lasting, eco-friendly and powerful light.  It accounts for around 25-30% of the energy bill in commercial buildings and approximately 15-20% in most homes.

As a rule, LED bulbs use up to 90% less electricity than standard bulbs. They have an unparalleled even spectrum of light and can have a lifespan beyond ten years. LEDs provide the most efficient way to save energy and conserve our natural resources. Sustainability and the need to save energy and reduce carbon emissions is a key objective for all businesses going forward. With the rise in energy bills both commercial and domestic sectors can make significant savings and reduce their carbon footprint by replacing inefficient halogens and other bulbs with LED alternatives. Since energy-efficient lighting lasts longer, you’ll be generating less waste for our landfills.

Key benefits

Cost Reduction
Energy savings of between 80% and 90% are the norm when comparing LED with conventional incandescent lighting and 50% when compared to CFLs, dramatically reducing energy costs. See Energy Savings Calculator.

Heat Reduction
LED operating temperatures are around 60 degrees centigrade compared to the 300-450 degrees centigrade operating temperatures of conventional lighting thus reducing heat pollution to interior systems such as air-conditioning.

Low Carbon Emission
LED lighting systems are environmentally and ecologically friendly since they contain no mercury or polluting gases and are 95% recyclable.

All LEDs are free from harmful UV and IR emissions.

Quality of Light
The quality of the white light from LEDs can help to eliminate eye strain. LEDs can also be matched to a specific ‘colour index’. Unlike CFLs, LEDs produce instant, full light with adjustable beam angles and are dimmable.

Life Cycle
Glamocell LEDs have an expected life cycle of 50,000 hours with minimal degradation, which equates to 5.7 years if left on continuously or just over 17 years if switched on for 8 hours a day. The life cycle will also lead to decreased maintenance and air conditioning costs.

In most cases return on investment can be achieved within 12-24 months.

LEDs are not subject to sudden failure or burnout and are shock resistant.

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