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We recognise the constraints on funding LED retrofit lighting and have therefore partnered with a leading leasing company to assist in financing sustainable projects. A monthly rental which, on average, is never more than 50% of your energy cost savings, can overcome capital expenditure budget restrictions.  Leasing is a revenue expenditure, which is 100% tax deductible and therefore does not affect capital budgets. Glamocell offers leasing quotations, whether 3 or 5 years, that enable ownership of the lights for just one month's rental at the end of the agreement.  It is similar to hire purchase, however, this way clients get both the tax benefits from the lease and full ownership.  For more information: [email protected]

Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme

The Carbon Trust provides an Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme in partnership with Siemens Financial Services to assist all types of companies with the purchase of energy saving products from £1,000 with no upper limit. Availability is subject to status, with repayment periods from 1-7 years.
Details are available on the Carbon Trust website:

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA)

This scheme allows businesses to write off the whole cost of investment against taxable profits in year of purchase, thus boosting cash flow and improving green credentials by implementing low carbon technology.
Further details available from The Carbon Trust.

Salix Finance

Salix Finance, a not-for-profit company funded by DECC and the Welsh and Scottish Governments, provides interest free loans to organisations in the Public Sector helping them to increase their energy efficiency and take a lead in tackling climate change.

Energy efficient technology cuts carbon emissions and reduces energy bills, however, upfront capital is a common barrier for organisations seeking these solutions. The energy savings made, mean projects pay for themselves within five years. Once repaid, organisations continue to benefit from the savings for the lifetime of the technology. On average, Salix projects pay for themselves within 3½ years and have a lifespan of 13½ years, providing 10 years of energy savings at no cost.
For more information:

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (often referred to as simply ‘the CRC’) is a mandatory scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in large public and private sector organisations. These organisations are responsible for around 10% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The scheme features a range of drivers, which aim to encourage organisations to develop energy management strategies that promote a better understanding of energy usage. It is designed to target energy supplies not already covered by Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) and the EU Emissions Trading System.

The CRC affects large public and private sector organisations across the UK. Participants include supermarkets, water companies, banks, local authorities and all central government departments.
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