Cut your energy costs and carbon emissions by up to 90% !

Energy Savings Calculator

Here’s an easy way to estimate your energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions when switching to Glamocell LED lights.

LEDs have a much longer life cycle and produce less heat, so additional savings can be achieved through reduced Maintenance and Air Conditioning costs (not included in this calculator).

Current lighting
Lamp type:
Wattage: (value includes ballast and starter)
Number of lamps: +-
Hours per day usage: +-
Days per week usage: +-
Total annual hours:
Electricity cost (per kWh):
Glamocell AlternativeGlamocell LED 10W Tube
  • Energy and Cost savings Current lamp Glamocell lamp
  • Power used in 1 year(s) in kWh
  • Carbon in kgs
  • Carbon Reduction in kgs 0
TOTAL COST SAVINGS for year(s): £

Capital and maintenance costs are not included in this electricity savings calculator. They will make your savings even greater calculated over the life cycle of 50,000 hrs of the Glamocell™ LED lights.

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